Thermalright TL-FS140 di raffreddamento della CPU a Bassa Temperatura ad alte Prestazioni Dual Tower doppia ventola PWM Per 115x/2011/AM4 Slot di raffreddamento della CPU

€55.32 €79.04

FS140 prodotti della serie le stesse specifiche FS140 RGB 12V/4PIN RGB

  • Linee: 4 Linee
  • Numero Di Modello: TR-Frost Spirito 140
  • Funzione: RGB Supporto
  • Cuscinetto: Fluido Cuscinetto
  • Applicazione: Processore
  • Dimensioni Ventola: 120x120x25mm
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Controllo Della Velocità Della Ventola: 1500RPM
  • Pacchetto: Sì
  • Il rumore: 25dBA
  • Potenza: 2.4 W
  • Dissipatore Di Calore In Materiale: Alluminio
  • Interfaccia Di Alimentazione: 4pin
  • Le CPU compatibili: intel/AMD
  • Il Volume Dell'Aria: 23-89 CFM
  • Tipo: Dissipatore di calore
  • Ventola Vita: 100000 ore
  • Marca: Thermalright

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Albasel 82
I got the package and it have damage on box and when I opened the box I found the heatsink have a little damage on the corner of heatsink. that is bad experience for me and you should be more careful to shipping any sensetive thing like this heatsink. then I installed it on ryzen 2700x and it work very well and it colder than wraith prism by 10c-12c in prime95 and aida64 benchmark. and it's good for overclocking I recommend it.
very great cooler. I think it can be use overclocker.
Its price is not so expensive as one-third of nh-d15, but performance is as good as nh-d15. Awesome
Fast shipping, good communication, good packing, everything came as advertised.

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